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Pregnant Moms Go Green, Embrace Garden of Eve's Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Products in Growing Numbers

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Pregnant Moms Go Green, Embrace Garden of Eve's Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Products in Growing Numbers


It’s no news that going green is “in,” but have you ever heard of a “green baby shower?” It seems moms-to-be are using their pregnancies as a time of reflection and renewal, starting new habits and making lifestyle changes that will start their families off on the right environmental foot. Going green with pregnancy safe skin care products is one way they can pamper themselves and their babies in a safe and yet affordable way.


At Garden of Eve, a 30 percent sales growth in “Expectantly Lovely” pregnancy safe skin care products bears testimony to Moms’eco-friendly, toxin-free, wholistic trend. From eco-friendly nursery products to organic diets and non-toxic skincare, more pregnant women today are making sure that they give themselves and their babies only the best from the very beginning of their time together. To their credit, moms are making more informed choices than ever before, thanks in part to the growth of social media and “mommy blogs” that educate and raise their awareness on a variety of expectancy issues, including the advent of the eco-friendly pregnancy. "Expectantly Lovely" face cream can be seen on the 'Winter Skin Rescue' spread in the February/March issue of Fit Pregnancy magazine. During the month of March, Garden of Eve is offering a Special Discount on their Expectantly Lovely products - - follow the directions at: www.gardenofeveskincare.com/pregnancy.html

Eve Stahl, founder of Garden of Eve, believes that “Expectantly Lovely" is picking up notice by new mothers seeking to protect the health of their unborns and newborns.” Moms who do their homework are flocking to the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” cosmetic safety database, where cosmetics are evaluated and receive a numeric “hazard score” that reflects the level of toxic ingredients used in the manufacturing process. A score of zero indicates a truly safe product, which is a very rare occurrence. Since Eve’s products are among the few that receive scores of zero, moms know they can indulge in these pampering products without worrying about whether or not there are substances in them that could harm their unborn children.

" Pregnant women must choose their skin care products carefully, as harmful chemicals are present in many leading brands and can be toxic not only to mother, but the baby as well."

Alarmingly, many of the synthetic ingredients found in commonly-purchased skin care brands are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and more than 750 personal care products in the U.S. violate industry safety or cosmetic safety standards that are in effect in other countries. However, the Garden of Eve product line is specially crafted to revitalize skin and is completely void of synthetic ingredients such as parabens and pthalates, which have ties to reproductive problems.

Harsh chemicals in many beauty products are unknowingly absorbed into the skin and can travel through the entire body via the circulatory system. Instead of these, Eve’s products are formulated with extracts and essential oils of herbs, flowers and exotic hydrosols, all of which are found in nature. Using hand-pressed butters, waxes and these essential oils, her creamy indulgences create a paradise for the skin that leaves it soft, hydrated, and glowing. For expectant mothers, this is a welcome luxury during a time when swelling, acne, blotching and fluctuations in body temperature can make for many uncomfortable and discouraging moments.

About Garden of Eve: The Garden of Eve pregnancy safe skin care product line includes both face care and hand and body care pregnancy products. Beloved by women all over the world, Eve’s products bring purity, pleasure and protection to both mother and child. Garden of Eve was founded in 2003 by health consultant Eve Stahl and provides natural, safe, and 100 percent ecologically-friendly skin care products.
For more information, visit www.gardenofeveskincare.com


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