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“From day one, I haven't used anything else. Every one of your items is wonderful. I had more than half of my 'old brand' of moisturiser and eye cream left, but from the first use, I couldn't go back to them, so I gave them away. I did tell my niece, when I gave her my old products, that she should use your skincare, so I'm hoping she will. My skin feels wonderful when I cleanse and moisturize and it just soaks up your creams. I've never felt any hand cream as good as yours. You have a client for life!”
-Anne O. Hemet, CA

“I continue using your products twice daily. I’m noticing the thin broken blood vessels on my face are less visible. Most days I find I don’t need foundation, which I prefer not to use. I do like how my skin looks at the end of the day... feels and looks fresher now having used your wonderful inventions these past two months.”
-Sandy J. Charlottesville, VA

“I want to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed the products you sent with Debra. Particularly the Facial Cleanse and Wise Woman Cream had an immediate and long-term positive effect on helping my skin deal with the New Mexico sun exposure. I used them daily (a.m. and p.m. and found myself saying “Ahh-hhh,” each time. The Hand and Body cream continues to be a treat for my hands. The smell and feel of it are delightful. You have a talent and gift in creating these products. Thank you again for sharing your artistry with us.” -Marianne R. Pacific Grove, CA

“Since using Garden of Eve, my skin is more vibrant, healthier looking, more even and I have virtually no blotches. I used to use three moisturizers because I felt that none of them alone really moisturized my skin well enough. I now only use one - Wise Woman from Garden of Eve and my skin has never been so happy. My mother decided to start using the products because she too noticed the difference in my skin. She said that she had never seen my skin so even and problem free. I wear no make-up now, and feel that this is how skin is meant to be treated - with natural products instead of synthetics which don't allow the skin to reach its natural potential. I would recommend these products to anyone.”
-Catherine C. San Diego, CA

“Oh my, Where do I begin without writing a novel? Your products are High End- Fine Organic Luxury, That Works! Transform your looks instantly.”
-Stephanie T. Chatanooga, TN

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